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TLC3 for E

My name is Mike Ward and I am an energetic teacher who founded TLC3 for E International. It is my goal to improve student learning by helping educators everywhere become more efficient and effective.

Over 20 years of teaching students from all walks of life has led me to a unique philosophy called TLC3 for E.  My philosophy leverages Technology, Literacy, Content, Curriculum, and Creativity for Educators seeking to give all students every opportunity to be successful.  It blends a standards-based approach with authentic learning experiences to engage students and encourage lifelong learning.

The TLC3 for E philosophy is driven by a format I invented called A Template 4 Success.  Each learning unit has its own unique template.  The template provides an organized course plan, complete with appropriate content and documentation infused with 21st century skills.  These essential skills include, but are not limited to; creativity, problem-solving, communicating, collaboration, decision making, entrepreneurship, and research.  I have taken great steps to make the activities real, which allows students to take ownership of their learning.  In addition, the template clearly communicates most, if not all, expectations to students, parents, administrators, and the community.  

The template is a flexible course design system that can easily be shared with new teachers as a starting point for course development, but flexible enough to help veteran teachers too.   The template can be customized to the strengths and unique characteristics of any teacher.  Also, the template serves as a great tool for administrators that might be lacking content expertise to see how and when required content is being presented to students in class.

As my philosophy has taken shape over the years, I have found that it has allowed me to be more effective and efficient.  It has been successfully implemented in my academic class as well as with the football players I coach.  Since time management is a key ingredient in success and job satisfaction, the template has helped me use limited time to maximize effort while continually turning out a better product for my students.  Assessment data can pinpoint areas of weakness which can be easily found in a template and re-worked to improve for the next year/semester.  

The journey to perfect this philosophy has been a long one.  It is my intention to pique your interest and encourage future collaboration, so you and all of your students can begin to reap the benefits.  All of my student teachers have been most appreciative that I have shared this philosophy and course-templates with them.  It has given them a very solid and well-thought-out foundation.  They are light years ahead of where I started in my career.

If you are interested in seeing the philosophy translated into some student work samples developed this year in a flipped/blended environment, follow this link.   Not only do the samples represent creativity and an authentic approach to documenting learning; but they also rest upon the content/curriculum I am assigned to teach.  One student's project even caught the eye of a multi-national company that hired him for the summer.  Not bad for a 10th grader.   A complimentary sample of a template can be found by following this link.

As you view my students’ work, you will notice we attempt to gather data and provide professional feedback to make improvements.  Students have designed and attached a survey on a "Feedback" page that is part of their navigation bar.  You will find instructions and the survey on the "Feedback" page.  I know they would be honored if they received a response from you.   

Finally, to learn more about me or the services I offer, please contact me at [email protected].  I have spoken at conferences and designed trainings/classes to suit the needs of educators.  You can also find me on Twitter @tlc34e.  My lessons are for sale on TpT and this link will even treat you to a free lesson.  Please follow me on TpT and rate the free lesson.  I would love to share my approach with you, your department, and/or your district.

All the best,

Mike Ward

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